Wednesday, October 13, 2004 Everyone must know "disobey his own nostalgia." Who said that? Answer: Prime Minister about the debate on schools. Surprising in these times where the verb sepia learn combines past (too) easy … Francois Fillon, meanwhile, is interviewed in Le Figaro and already distanced himself from the Thelot report. Also note the very strong reaction against humanity that report. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 13/10/04 Education: the action plan Matignon Report Thelot in support, Fillon Raffarin has assigned its roadmap. The future framework law must be submitted in early January. The conviction expressed yesterday by Raffarin is inversely proportional to the famine
he imposed the educational debate. The roadmap assigned Francois Fillon is thus both clear and open: "This is to modernize the law [Jospin] 1989 […] and to set a new ambition: that of success for each student "No" big night, "stressed the Prime Minister, but adjustments. more reference, for example, the" 80% at tray "but" it is necessary that each student gets a diploma. " These policy choices should include the future law in the tradition of the great texts which, since 1945, led the right and the left to lengthen the school and to multiply the possible paths (Langevin-Wallon report Berthoin reform 1959 Haby reform 1975 creation pros bins in 1985 by Chevenement, Jospin law so). Quoting Jean-Claude Guillebaud Raffarin even pleaded to let everyone know "disobey his own nostalgia" about unexpected as a wave sepia submerged school since September. Read more of the article The key points of the report seen by teachers Thelot Overview of union positions on the various points of the report Thelot Read more of the article Editorial: scattered ranks The report was Thelot attracted enough convergent criticism, right or left, so he could claim to have been objective. But the best value in the world only as good as what remains after chewing and regurgitation by the government, parliament and administration, that is to say usually very little. So, it departs matter probably more than what it offers positive. This report refuses to give particular fashionable authoritarian nostalgia among Republicans George Bush as among those Chevenement. School failure, true purpose of Thelot Commission, deserved better than this simplistic. But the report also implicitly deviates budget upmanship, even if some of its recommendations derogate from the constant cost reform principle whose claims to the Prime Minister. Yet it will be difficult to achieve the desired specific effort by the commission in favor of the most socially penalized without engaging new ways students. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 13/10/04 Francois Fillon: "the government is free vis-a-vis the report Thelot" Skip a few weeks to report Thelot Fillon bill. The challenge is for the Minister of Education who will now get down to drafting the law of orientation and programming for school. The schedule is tight. The text must be presented in the Council of Ministers in December or January for a review to Parliament in the spring and an implementation in September 2006. Meanwhile, Claude Thelot and most members of the commission he chaired yesterday held the star in the salons of Matignon where they submitted their report to the Prime Minister who said: "this new law should provide clear prospects for the school next fifteen years, this is also the reason why this will be an orientation but also programming law. "What use the Education Minister will he make the report Thelot? Francois Fillon has already announced the tracks he wants to explore and those he has already rejected (see interview). A new consultation process launched with the social partners, as well as political parties. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 13/10/04 school sMIC to report Asked about the future of its working group, Claude Thelot marked time and responded with an ambiguity peak. "Thirteen months of working together, this leaves a nostalgia, but also weariness. We will continue our work, probably informally, "explained the man whose name will remain associated anyway future school orientations. What role does it play in this part of the development of the law? "Individual or collective skills may eventually be utilized. "Point bar. For the rest, "political time has come," concluded Claude Thelot. The point is not trivial. While the Committee invites that is put in place an independent high authority that would work to the definition of the teachings contained in "the common core of essential knowledge," the Prime Minister has, he not say a single word during a the half hour lasted his speech. This common core issue however is the keystone of the proposals, which seem now to belong only to parliamentarians. While it can, by itself, transform at all school face the next fifteen years, we guess that the debate will be controversy, without doubt difficult, at least pointed. And anyway, politics. Read more of the article Thelot Report. Reactions. Read more of the article "For a compulsory education from 3 to 18 years" There was little chance that the report Thelot please the Communist Party. Already in June, the Senator Annie David had resigned from the commission. Reason: his proposals were "inau- believable" by other mem- bers of the working group. The elected did not want to "associate" in drafting the report, doubting the "good faith of the government," she reiterated yesterday in the presence of the national secretary of the Communist Party, Marie-George Buffet. In his eyes, the great debate about the school, began last year and has mobilized thousands of people did not get the deserved attention from ministers Luc Ferry and Fillon. From the beginning, Senator had winced on "orientation issues, largely guided by government choice." The PCF officials see the report "a major attack against the quality of youth education, the teaching profession and the education service." These proposals are consistent with the Budget Act and the proposed "modernization" of the public service, they accuse. In other words, the guarantee document on the demobilization of the State, under the pretext of a reduction in costs. Read more of the article "A common culture on the cheap" Stephane Bonnery is a lecturer in educational sciences in Paris. Common base, diversified route, direction late in the third … What do these measures transform the education system? […] Either the school’s mission is to give everyone the tools intellectual emancipation development of the human being. Either we made the choice of a school in several speeds that naturalizes the needs of each student. It is a return to the ideology donations. And it is killing the very idea of ??a common culture than to say that the school could convey abstract and specialized knowledge to those who are already benefiting. Research shows that most students encounter difficulties, and they have a commercial relationship to knowledge. For example, they will consider the literature as secondary, but will pay attention to the spelling in the context of a letter. But unless they appropriate basic knowledge, the more they fail … This idea of ??useful crop is dangerous. Yet it is one that distributes the report. He justifies further what is to be taught by the needs of the economy and buying social peace. […] Read more of the article Chronology Of great debate Bill Read More Article ————————- ————————— Le Parisien 13/10/04 the report Thelot better received than expected This is far from the outcry. Obviously, the Thelot report, submitted yesterday to the Prime Minister, raised some criticism, but overall, the proposals for "a fairer school in XXI century" are generally well received. "We’re not the big night, has also summarized Jean-Pierre Raffarin, hier.Il is not today, for the government to implement the umpteenth school reform that would claim change everything. This is to set a new ambition to success for every student. ┬╗Read more of the article Twenty schools are open to students suburban Secretary of State for Integration and Equal Opportunities, Catherine Vautrin, revealed Monday in Cergy as a great school program , why not me ? Essec Business School, would be taken in January by ten to twenty other schools. Old two years, this operation aims to increase opportunities for students of modest background or difficult areas to pass the entrance examination of these institutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 13/10/04 raising children in the countryside because they are tired of the disadvantages of the city, leaving parents to raise their children in rural areas. No regrets Read more of the article —————————————– ——- 20 minutes from 13/10/04 student Thelot frieze average Claude Thelot the report on the school, which was officially handed over yesterday to the Prime Minister, will be the basis for a profound reform the school for the next fifteen years. Four text recommendations aimed at reforming the teaching profession. Mixed reactions unions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 14/10/04 Thelot Commission: the Prime Minister made the school reform one of three 2005 priorities […] the Prime Minister said the timetable that would lead the new framework law on education. Before the end of the month, it will bring to the Hotel Matignon all trade union organizations of national education and associations of parents of students for a roundtable on school. The Minister of Education, Francois Fillon, then receive these organizations individually to hear their proposals and present, in November, the outline of the bill the government. Present at the presentation of the report, the Minister of Education has not expressed. "I hope that the bill be presented to Cabinet at the end of December or early January, said Jean-Pierre Raffarin. It will then be placed on the agenda of Parliament so priority. " And "the big decisions will come into force in September 2006". Read more of the article for the SNES, a project that "pulls down the system" Thelot The report led, Tuesday, October 12, an avalanche of contrasting reactions. Criticized by the two main teachers’ unions (SNES, SNUipp) affiliated with FSU, and the SNALC, it is, however, well received by the NMS-CFDT and UNSA-SE. The SNES union of secondary school teachers, sees "a collapsed school on the common core" and challenged "the bulk of the recommendations of the report." "The mastery of a common core, based on a reductionist conception of knowledge, skills and attitudes, can only lead to pull down the entire system," said the union. He denounced the logic of the report Thelot, "largely inspired by an unprecedented austerity context" and advocates, in particular, "an increase of access at Tray one point per year on average." The SNUipp for the first degree, considers that "the report still does not answer the question" to know "how to succeed all students." Criticizing, too, the common base "very bare," the SNUipp concerned that differentiated teachings advocated by the Thelot Commission "will pave the way for early orientation." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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